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Very recently I was shocked to read in our local news that a consultant at a hospital had come out to say they were seeing an increase in the disease rickets amongst children. To me rickets was something that never happened any more so it was shocking to read that it seems to be making a comeback.

Professor Clarke says he and colleague Dr Justin Davies, a consultant paediatric endocrinologist at Southampton university hospital trust, have checked over 200 children for bone problems and more than 20% of them have significant deficiencies.

“A lot of the children we've seen have got low vitamin D and require treatment,” he said. “This is almost certainly a combination of the modern lifestyle, which involves a lack of exposure to sunlight, but also covering up in sunshine, and we’re seeing cases that are very reminiscent of 17th century England.”

He added: “We are facing the daunting prospect of an area like Southampton, where it is high income, middle class and leafy in its surroundings, seeing increasing numbers of children with rickets, which would have been inconceivable only a year or so ago.”

Unbelievable? Research suggests that 85% of us are deficient in Vit D, which is catastrophic; every cell in our body needs vitamin D for optimal health, every cell in our body has vitamin D receptors, so to achieve optimum health we all need a good dose of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has many jobs within the body, the primary regulator of calcium metabolism, bone health; it modulates neuromuscular function, enhances immunity, enhances gut function, reduces inflammation, and has an influence of stopping the self-mutated cells that cause cancer. So vitamin D is really really needed for optimal health, yet we are covering ourselves up in factor 50 the minute the sun comes out which means, most of us are missing out on getting our dose of this wonder vitamin as the factor 50 stops the absorption of vitamin D into the body.
So what can we do to increase our Vitamin D?

As little as 10-15 minutes of sun exposure a day gives your body a big dose of vitamin D and is the most natural way of gaining your Vit D fix – ever wondered why you feel so much better in the summer than the winter – well Vit D is your answer

Vitamin D rich foods – Eggs (yolks), fish, cod liver oil, fresh fruit and vegetables.

The benefit the human body gains from Vitamin D is huge, take a little time to research it you will be amazed at what this health accelerator does for us.

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