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A common misconception is that if you aren't eating takeaways and are cooking at home your diet is healthy. Well it would depend on what you are cooking with. Processed means changed from its organic form, so this can take the form of freezing, canning, drying and of course food additives.

Food additives are put in foods to make them look and taste better and to make them last longer. There are preservatives, food colourings and chemicals added to name but a few. The end result is an edible food like substance – not real whole foods. Whole foods are those that are grown in gardens, greenhouses, and orchards etc., the foods with vibrant colours, texture and taste, not manufactured rubbish.

Due to the fact that these foods have been processed to within an inch of their life there is a need to make up for the lack of nutrients in the frankenfood, so synthetic vitamins and minerals are added, seems strange doesn't it, all nutrients have disappeared so synthetic ones are added…. Wouldn't you rather keep the natural vitamins and minerals found in their organic form?
When I speak of processed foods, my thinking is that processed is any bought food that is ready made that you could have made from scratch at home. If you wanted to take it further it would mean you are only eating raw foods, as when we cook our food we are changing it from its organic form, so in a sense processing it, however the difference here is you are not adding dangerous food additives to it.

I had a client once whom I tried to help follow a clean eating plan, she looked at me when I told her she couldn't buy ready meals and must cook from scratch, her reply “I do only buy the best ready meals” She seemed to think as she shopped in a more “upmarket” supermarket that she could escape food additives as the ready meals were of a better quality….. Food additives are food additives, whether you pay more for them or not.

A study involving 1800 women in Mexico revealed that those consume a diet consisting of 57% refined carbs were 220% more likely to suffer breast cancer than those who ate a more natural balanced diet.

The problem with processed foods apart from the nasties that are in them, is that your taste buds will become used to those strong flavours and when you try and go natural you will feel the need to add a ton of sugar or salt as that is what your body has become accustomed to.

They also contain genetically modified foods, it is estimated that 75% of processed foods contain ingredients engineered from GMO’s.
As a nation we are raised to buy from the supermarket shelf, not cook as our grandparents tended to from scratch. We have replaced making foods with shop ready bought foods, which seriously are really easy to make, we just can’t be arsed to do it, or maybe we are in the habit of not doing it.

Break out of that habit, when you go to the supermarket don’t indulge in all the aisle’s, if I go to the supermarket I visit the fresh produce only then home I go, the majority of the time I have fresh organic fruit and veg delivered to my door. Discover cooking from scratch, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

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