The joy of bootcamp (and other classes!)

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It’s been a little while since we last ran one of our old style early morning bootcamps – life took over (or should I say sleepless nights did!) and I wasn’t able to commit to so many early mornings any more, winter months came which made it less appealing to some of you (not the hardcore committed few though) other options came your way and the list goes on.

However, over the past few years I have heard many of you saying how much you miss bootcamp and ‘the good old days’ and asking if we can run another bootcamp again. So, I have listened and we are bringing them back – for the summer months at least. I must admit I also miss bootcamp (remind me of that in a couple of weeks time when I’m back to getting up and out early!) and often look back at the ‘good old days’ with a smile. You see it’s not the bootcamp that makes bootcamp and classes – it’s you guys that make it :o)

So what is it about Bootcamp – and classes in general really – that gets peoples interest and makes people want to come and workout (and at silly oclock in the morning for bootcamp ;o) )

Asking what you think, these seem to be some of the most common answers and also what I think the appeal is too:

1. It can be done in blocks – as they are run in 4 week blocks it doesn’t feel like you are committing to something forever. Even though many of you did bootcamp for a good few years, I think the appeal of signing up and knowing it was a 4 week block at a time made it popular.

2. It gets results – we had some great results for our previous bootcampers who stuck with it. Same with our classes, if you are doing them on a regular basis, really working out and being mindful of your nutrition too, then there are great results to be had.

3. Its more motivational than the gym – I know for some that the appeal of having an instructor there to motivate you, and also other people attending the class to push you along and work harder, is much more appealing than going to the gym and doing your own workout. Many of you have said you work much harder at a class as there is the element of competition, but also of teamwork too.

4. You get fit in a short space of time – the workouts are all designed to be short and sharp and completed in 30 minutes. They are also designed to work you hard and to get you fit and get results in a short space of time :o)

5. You meet people – I think one of the biggest appeals of bootcamp and the classes over other forms of exercise is the fact that you get to meet people and make friends. We have had some great friendships formed through our classes and bootcamps over the years, and this is very much one of our appeals and selling points. You can always come to the classes or bootcamps with friends too. I also get to meet great people too, and it makes my job very enjoyable :o)

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