Kelly Francis


Kelly Francis



About Me:

I have just recently qualified to teach the most amazing way to work out - ZUMBA!!!

I started really getting into exercise in September 2008 with a weekly Legs, Bums and Tums group with Alice. I then realised that after Christmas, exercise alone was not going to shift my tummy. So I then started on the 10 week weigh in sessions, Nutritional course, along with Boxercise, Legs, Bums and Tums and then Zumba when it started. Overall, through hard work, determination and amazing support from Alice I lost nearly 2 stone and approximately 11". I have never felt so healthy and to be able to get into 10-12 sized clothes again, well what an amazing feeling!


Sleeping, Christmas, New York oh and um Zumba!


Getting up early for work, Football programmes, Winter and Press Up's!

Favourite Colour:

Baby pink, but my favourite colour combination is fuchsia pink and black

Favourite Food:

Roast Dinners

Favourite Excercise:

Favourite type of exercise is of course Zumba, but I also like Boxercise, Running and swimming.

Something About Me No-one Knows:

I'm a Secret Millionaire!