How your breakfast cereal is making you fat.

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Promoted as the best start to the day, the shocking truth is that the breakfast cereal you eat and feed your kids too is probably the culprit for setting your body up for a fall if you want to lose weight.
The amount of sugar that is added to cereals not to mention the synthetic chemicals added to them means your body is having a huge rise in blood sugar level which can only be stored as one thing - Fat. What happens after your blood sugar levels rise? Well, the pancreas releases insulin which wants to take the sugar elsewhere, but the body can only store a certain amount, the rest is stored as fat. A drop in your blood sugar level ensues and guess what - you get hungry for more sugar! So not a great start to the day! You may as well be eating a snickers bar in the morning as your body will be having exactly the same response to it as your cereal you have been tucking into.

So what is a good way to start the day? Grab an omelette, or a salad, something healthy and nutritious and REAL. Real food grown not processed. People have an aversion to eating anything other than cereal and toast, why? Does it matter what time of day you eat certain foods?

For the next week, ditch the cereals and make some real food, it can be anything, bacon and avocado salad, omelette, boiled eggs with asparagus dippers, use your imagination, I bet you will feel more fulfilled and vibrant. Then feedback to me what you ate and how you felt.

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